Testimonials from Participants and Staff:

Strengthening family program skills has helped to reinforce some of the skills we are already practicing as parents. It has also helped to remind us of some little things we are taking for granted as parents and this has made our parenting really easy.

Osama H., IRCOM Participant

I’m thankful to have been trained with the Strengthening Families Curriculum as I have personally seen many benefits in my own family and improved parental skills as a result. I have witnessed firsthand behavioral changes with my three children and our bonding has been affected positively. With the families we are fortunate to work alongside, it is very motivating to see and hear their experiences of utilizing the skills in their own way to improve their family communication, bonding, monitoring and overall love. #SFPislife

Willie S., Adult Mentor Ka Ni Kanichihk Wahkohtowin Program

Reflecting on Wahkohtowin Program night: My favorite day of the week is Tuesday!

10 year old participant

I feel so loved every time I go to the group. I’m going to be sad when it’s over but I’ll always remember that your team gave me everything I needed to be the best I can be. I’ve never been to a group like this. If you taught everyone these skills you would change so many parents and kids lives all over. Creator showed me the way to you guys. I wanted to change, I had to change, I needed help and then there was you guys.

Verna C., Mother of 4 Wahkohtowin Program Participant

Beth Ann, speaking about "My Time" (which is one-on- one time between a caregiver and child): Seeing the joy on my sons face is very fulfilling when it’s time for ‘My Time’.

Beth Ann M., Adult Mentor Ka Ni Kanichihk Wahkohtowin Program

I am very proud to be part of this amazing team. I feel so lucky to be able to connect with 4 unique organizations, each delivering this program in a similar, yet special way. Probably what I have enjoyed the most is visiting each of the sites, meeting the families who invite us into their lives, and seeing the genuine relationship building that is happening among participants and staff – its beautiful. I have loved coming to program at both Ka Ni Kanichihk and Ndinawe and smelling the smudge, dancing with the women at IRCOM, and sitting in the circle sharing stories with the folks at Spence. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Amy G, Wahkohtowin Program Manager

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