The Wahkohtowin Strengthening Families Program honours the unique connections within families, and seeks to strengthen bonds, increase communication and decrease conflict among family members.

Wahkohtowin is a

Cree word which refers

to the concept of kinship

or, the state of being connected.



Wah-KOH- toh-win) 

Wahkohtowin Strengthening Families Program is a 14 week skills development program and research project, for families of youth aged 11-17, to attend together. Each week, families attend program at the location of their choice for a 3 hour workshop. A meal (all dietary restrictions including halal are observed), child minding for children under 10, and assistance with transportation are provided. Cultural events, interpretation services, and in-home mentorship are also offered.

Wahkohtowin means "everything is related." It is one of the basic principles of Cree Natural Law passed through language, song, prayer, and storytelling. The elders explain that by following the teachings of Wahkohtowin individuals, communities and societies are healthier. (Source:

We honor Wahkohtowin by acknowledging the unique connections we share with each other, our communities, and our land.

Wahkohtowin Strengthening Families Program is proudly delivered by Ka Ni Kanichihk, Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad (Ndinawe), The Bilal Community & Family Centre (BCFC), and Spence Neighbourhood Association (SNA). The University of Manitoba (U of M) is leading an ongoing evaluation. Please click on the images below to learn more about our partners. 

Ka Ni Kanichihk
U of M
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